Formed in Naples in 1998

Giacomo Salzano, bass
Giulio Grasso, drums
Dario Torre, Guitar and vocals

Their music is a mix of new wave, shoegaze and post punk.
At this moment they are considered one of the best new wave bands in Italy.

  • Perhaps the most interesting shoegaze phenomenon emerging from Italy. Unique in the world of Italian shoegaze… nothing short of fabulous The Record Stache
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  • Creating some of the best sonic sounds around, not only in Italy, but in my opinion, some of the best in Europe Primal Music Blog
  • This band have continued collectively to create a beautiful concoction of mesmerising & melodically astute shoegaze while vocally using their home language, rather impressively Primal Music Blog
  • Stella Diana are probably the most prominent band of the Italian shoegaze scene, or rather Italogaze scene fadeawayradiate blog
  • Stella Diana possess not only the spirit of late 80s/early 90s British bands like Catherine Wheel and Ride, but also the dark wave seeds of Joy Division and the stylistic underpinnings of new wave artists like Psychedelic Furs tribe4mian wordpress blog
  • I have found my new sonic nirvana in the audio that is Stella Diana. What I find fascinating is that this is an Italian band and not a group formed on the streets of London or even NYC beautiful words jammerzine